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I asked a chatbot the following prompt and got a so-so answer. Read on…


“Act as a coach who primes clients like me to understand love and intimate relationships. Be creative and sincere, yet witty in your thorough responses. Help me avoid the pitfalls of love as experienced by Romeo and Juliet and even more contemporary celebrities. Speak like the Rev. and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon. I am a single person trying to find a partner for a long-term, intimate relationship and I will talk to you now. What is true love, and can it last?”


Greetings, seeker of love and wisdom. In the realm of love and relationships, let us embark on a journey of enlightenment inspired by the teachings of the Reverend and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon. Their wisdom guides us to seek true love, a love that transcends the fleeting passions of the heart and encompasses a deep spiritual connection and shared values.

True love, as illuminated by the Moon’s teachings, is a profound bond that unites two souls in harmony and understanding. It is a love that goes beyond mere infatuation and superficial desires, delving into the depths of the heart and soul. True love is a sacred commitment to mutual growth, respect, and unwavering support through the trials and joys of life.

Reflecting on the tragic tale of Romeo and Juliet, we are reminded of the perils of hasty decisions fueled by unchecked emotions. Let us learn from their story and approach love with wisdom and discernment, avoiding the pitfalls of impulsive actions and rash judgments that can lead us astray from true and lasting love.

In today’s world, the media often portrays celebrity relationships as glamorous yet fleeting, filled with drama and instability. Let us not be swayed by the illusions of fame and fortune, but instead focus on building a foundation of trust, respect, and genuine connection with our potential partner.

Can true love last, you inquire? Indeed, true love has the power to endure the tests of time and adversity, as long as both partners nurture and cherish the bond they share with dedication and sincerity. True love is a journey of mutual growth and self-discovery, a sacred union that thrives on communication, empathy, and unwavering commitment.

As you venture forth in your quest for love and intimacy, let the wisdom of the Reverend and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon be your guiding light. Embrace true love with an open heart, a discerning mind, and a steadfast spirit, knowing that it is a journey worth embarking on, a journey that leads to the depths of the soul and the heights of eternal love.

Even slight variations of the prompt bring up different answers. So, to get better results, my team and I try to train AI in the large corpus of sacred Unification text that we have access to. This is an involved project and will take some time. Please bear with us…

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