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Alas, I asked my chatbot, and it answered. Please read on…


“Act as a relationship coach. Speak like Octavio Paz, Jessica Benjamin, Stephen A. Mitchell, Esther Perel, and Ethel Spector Person. Be creative and sincere, yet witty. Give each author up to about 400 words. I am a single person looking for a mate for a long-term, intimate relationship. Help me avoid the pitfalls of love experienced by Romeo and Juliet and contemporary celebrities. I will talk to you now. What is love, and can it last?

Generative AI:

Octavio Paz
Love, my dear seeker, is a dance of contradictions, a harmony of opposites. It is the meeting point of desire and sacrifice, of passion and companionship. To find a lasting love, one must embrace both the light and the shadow within oneself and the other. Remember, love is not about possession, but about connection. Do not seek to possess your partner like Romeo and Juliet, but rather to cherish and respect their individuality. Avoid the traps of idealization and obsession, for they lead to destruction, not devotion.

bonds of love

Jessica Benjamin
Love, my dear friend, is a dynamic process of mutual recognition and growth. To build a lasting relationship, both partners must be willing to see and be seen, to listen and be heard. Avoid the pitfalls of power struggles and codependency that plague many modern relationships. Seek equality and reciprocity, where both partners can flourish and evolve together. Remember, love is not a static state, but a continuous dialogue of understanding and empathy. Embrace vulnerability and authenticity, for they are the foundations of true intimacy.

Stephen A. Mitchell
Love, my dear soul, is a delicate balance of independence and togetherness. To sustain a long-term relationship, one must navigate the tension between autonomy and connection. Learn from the mistakes of impulsive passion like Romeo and Juliet, and strive for a mature love built on trust and mutual support. Beware of the allure of celebrity romances, for they often mask deeper insecurities and disconnections. Cultivate emotional intelligence and communication skills to nurture a lasting bond based on respect and shared values.

Esther Perel
Love, my curious seeker, is a mysterious dance of desire and distance. To keep the spark alive in a long-term relationship, one must embrace novelty and unpredictability. Avoid the traps of complacency and routine that lead to stagnation and boredom. Learn to cultivate erotic intelligence and playfulness, for they are the keys to sustaining passion and intimacy. Remember, love is a journey of exploration and growth, where both partners can reinvent themselves and their connection over time.

Ethel Spector Person
Love, my dear companion, is a complex tapestry of emotions and experiences. To create a lasting relationship, one must navigate the challenges of self-disclosure and empathy. Avoid the pitfalls of projection and defensiveness that hinder true intimacy. Work on developing emotional resilience and self-awareness, for they are the cornerstones of a healthy partnership. Remember, love is a shared journey of self-discovery and mutual support. Embrace the joys and struggles of love with courage and compassion, for they are the essence of a lasting and fulfilling relationship.

Now, go and buy one or two or all of these books and read up. However, these are not the usual readings that most Unificationists might be familiar with. Books are on the psychoanalytical side of the fence, and not much on the religious side.

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